• Guards Ark : Constuction Drawings and Permits - AutoCad - Cadd in NYC
  • Guards Ark : Constuction Drawings and Permits - AutoCad - Cadd in NYC
  • Guards Ark : Constuction Drawings and Permits - AutoCad - Cadd in NYC
  • Guards Ark : Constuction Drawings and Permits - AutoCad - Cadd in NYC

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45 Broad Street

autocad work for 45-broad-street-project location by guards ark

Cantilever Beam & Scaffolding Installation Project – 45 Broad St: A $300K Project.

Guard’s Ark Demonstrates Project Design Diversity; This is a unique project where cantilever beams, supporting a protective shed and scaffolding that was designed and installed to facilitate demolition of an exterior wall, 12 stories high in 3-floor stages - 45 ft. each stage.

Guard’s Ark performed Structural Drawings and Calculations to put the project documents together to submit to the NYC Department of Buildings to obtain permits for installation of critically required cantilever beams and scaffolding. The cantilever beams and scaffolding was to protect and grant access to workers and construction below the building’s 3rd floor and to support scaffolding up to the 12th floor.

Most Important, the Contractor; Titanium Construction Services, PLLC. needed these project documents performed in a 2-week time interim, which required a series of site visits by Guard’s Ark and many adjustments to the cantilever beam details, due to field conditions as the material was installed. The operation of site visits, drawing production and inspection reports was spontaneously done, resulting in a satisfied General Contractor and Sub-Contractor, who were ‘under the gun’ to get the Job done quickly.

The cantilevered material consists of 20 ft. long steel beams, cantilevering 8ft. beyond the building exterior south wall and was a total length of 60ft. The scaffolding: 230ft. high x 60Ft. x 5ft wide, and attached to the exterior wall steel frame Facilitated demolition of the wall brick material non-bearing envelope. The Building is a 40 story Luxury Apartment Building in Lower Manhattan. The Client Contractor was Titanium Construction Services, Inc. The Scaffolding & Cantilever Beam Installer was Pilku Construction Services, Inc. Engineer Consultant: Demerara Engineering PLLC. Architectural Consultant: Guard’s Ark – Construction Drawings and Permits

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145 E 125th ST

autocad work for 145-east-125th-street-autocad-layout location by guards ark

145 East 125th Street - Structural Repair Work

This project was commissioned by a client with a 6 story building whose basement was in disrepair at the corner of 125th St. and Park Ave. In NYC. There was a violation with the settling of the sidewalk over a 50 ft. long x 20ft. wide x 8ft. high vault, adjacent to the Basement. The building owner was responsible to repair the vault, which is adjacent to an MTA Transit elevator shaft at the south west corner of the vault.

We performed a structural investigation and established a design solution that the steel beams supporting the vault be stiffened with steel stiffener plates. The brick bearing wall supporting the beams at the south end of the vault was to be repaired – brick replaced underneath the beams and re-grouted with high strength epoxy cement. Also, new steel plates were to be installed underneath the steel beams to replace the rusted, deteriorated sill plates.

At the north end of the vault, the main steel girder adjacent to the building exterior wall also had to be stiffened with steel stiffener plates and the supporting steel column base plates reinforced with gusset plates welded at the base of the 4 corners of the ‘H’ columns. Some of the concrete foundation pillars supporting the columns were to be enlarged, by placing concrete with reinforcing steel bars.

Review a sample of the project drawings.

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225 Rector Pl

autocad work for rector-place-layout location by guards ark

225 Rector Place – Installation of an Interior Steel, Ornamental Staircase

This project was commissioned to Guard’s Ark by a skillful structural steel contractor to perform shop drawings indicating stair material, fabrication and connection details. The general contractor had created a 20ft x 8ft opening in the reinforced concrete slab in the second floor of the building to facilitate access between these floors - This is a daycare facility in Lower Manhattan, near the World Trade Center.

The contractor - Clearview Designs – utilized these shop drawings and fabricated the entire stair system off-site, then installed it like an erector set between the floors. Please review the drawings, depicting extensive structural material and connection details.

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383 Atlantic Ave

autocad work for atlantic-ave-layout location by guards ark

383 Atlantic Avenue – building spandrel beam installation to establish showcase opening spanning entire building width.

This project was commissioned to Guard’s Ark and was a structural challenge to open up the building façade at the first floor to create an openness to showcase commercial space which could be utilized as retail in the nature of an Art Display Center or inviting restaurant.

There were originally 2 window openings at the building front wall, but the client wanted to open up the façade as explained above. The wall was to be demolished while being supported from the first floor ceiling to the top of the parapet wall, 3 stories above. The design of the spandrel beam was critical, in that it is a beam supporting a very heavy load of a 35 ft. of 12” thick exterior brick wall.

We did not depend on the exterior side bearing walls to support the new spandrel beam, so we installed new steel columns at each end of the beam, which originate from the building cellar. New foundation reinforced concrete pillars were placed to support the steel ‘H’ columns.

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177 West 83rd. St. NYC NY.

autocad work for west-83rd-street-project location by guards ark

Landmark Building at 177 West 83rd. St. NYC NY. – Cornice replacement at parapet wall.

This project was commissioned by a contractor – Pal Construction Inc. It’s a 6 story building and the Parapet Cornice is a total length of 150 ft. and is 5 ft. high. Guard’s Ark performed shop drawings for the contractor to get the cornice fabricated off-site and installed in 8ft. sections. The cornice was to satisfy Landmark requirements of matching the existing building cornice in color, texture and dimensions.

In respect to how the new cornice would be structurally connected to the building, the drawing details depicted the connections, so that installation would be seamless, by sliding the cornice over newly installed coated steel brackets.

As you will notice on the drawings, the cornice detail was to be matched perfectly per Landmarks commission standards.

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Residential 2 family design

This is a Residential 2 family design for a client in the tropics - 2 bedroom 2 bath each floor. Although suitable for Florida, the Caribbean, or Hawaii, it can be built in any part of the world because there is the convenience of forced air heating and cooling. Material: Glass block curved wall. Stucco on concrete masonry units. Operable hurricane protective window shutters. Metal roof; Anchored securely to exterior concrete wall sills, thwarting extreme hurricane 150 mph wind gusts. Roof is also decorative with vernacular French Colonial spires and trimings. The residence exterior and interior is ramped and stepped for optional access. Designed by Guards Ark

autocad work for Residential 2 family design location by guards ark

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