• Guards Ark : Constuction Drawings and Permits - AutoCad - Cadd in NYC
  • Guards Ark : Constuction Drawings and Permits - AutoCad - Cadd in NYC
  • Guards Ark : Constuction Drawings and Permits - AutoCad - Cadd in NYC
  • Guards Ark : Constuction Drawings and Permits - AutoCad - Cadd in NYC

Services we offer!

We inspect building project sites to gather technical information -Property dimensions, building dimensions & building condition. Based on work scope required, we put together drawings and specifications to show the building repair, or new building details required to submit to the Department of Buildings Plans Examiner in the State District where the property is located.

There are additional detailed procedues required for this process, which is discussed in detail in the event Guard's Ark is commissioned for construction or rehabilitation projects.

Plans examinations determine approval of proposed construction, based on the building code, zoning resolution, Board of Standards and Appeals hearings and agreements of other agencies including The Fire Department, Department Of Transportation, Department of Environmental Protection or any other Government Agency having the power to submit permits for construction operations.

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AutoCad Services

We perform scaffolding designs, side walk protection shed design drawings, structural calculations & specifications as required to grant contractor access to construct building systems: Exterior walls, parapet walls, windows and window lintel replacement & NYC 6-Story Local Law 11 - Mandatory repair work. We perform structural designs for damaged building foundation wall repair & replacement. Guard's Ark Also performs structural, architectural and mechanical, inter-spatial commercial and residential renovations. We perform the entire process of expediting and ensuring projects are done in compliance with the building code, zoning ordinances, Fire code (NFPA) and National Electric Code (NEC).

Industry Specific

We perform mechanical and plumbing design drawings and specifications and field inspections for HVAC, Fire Sprinkler & Plumbing Systems for submittal to the Department of Buildings(DOB), Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Fire Department to receive Equipment Use Permits and Plumbing Permits. We perform 'RPZ' Back flow Preventer inspections and submittal to the DEP/DOB to renew or obtain permits as required by law by the DOB, DEP, Fire Department. If not updated, building owners receive heavy fines from the Environmental Control Board (ECB). It Behooves building owners to stay on top of permit renewals. Backflow preventers are requured by 80% of building facilities, using a significant amount of potable water for chemical, medical and food processing operations, namely; hospitals, clinics, restaurants, cabarets, stadiums, commercial kitchens, laundromats and any other facility deemed by the Fire Department and DEP to require backflow preventers. Any building requiring a fire sprinkler system must also be outfitted with a dedicated backflow preventer. Guards Ark is here to help with your building issues.

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