• Guards Ark : Constuction Drawings and Permits - AutoCad - Cadd in NYC
  • Guards Ark : Constuction Drawings and Permits - AutoCad - Cadd in NYC
  • Guards Ark : Constuction Drawings and Permits - AutoCad - Cadd in NYC
  • Guards Ark : Constuction Drawings and Permits - AutoCad - Cadd in NYC

The Team at GuardsArk

Quality services provided through a team of experienced professionals at guards ark for autocad design and building permits

Gerald P. Guard

Gerald Guard team member at guards ark

Gerald P. Guard: Architect / Construction Manager / Auto-Cad Expert

Gerald Started performing Auto-Cad at Stone & Webster Company, now Shaw Company, when Cad was known by very few technologists. With 30 years of experience, he has produced drawings for most buildings and structure projects, including architectural, structural, mechanical, civil and electrical. Over 7 years, he has performed drawings and specifications for contractors, building owners and building designers to obtain building permits to get their construction done.

Gerald has worked at Metro-North Railroad as a construction engineer, construction representative and architectural designer. He has put complete project construction design packages together to put to bid. Monitored construction for compliance to the building code and design documents. Gerald has worked on Railroad station buildings, retail spaces, communication room build-outs, police facilities, office facilities, apartment building interiors and exterior rehabilitations.

With Guard’s Ark, he has performed project research, conducted DOB plans examinations and worked with many clients to save them time and money. Projects ranging between $50K to $20 million.

Joseph A. Mucciolo

Joseph A. Mucciolo team member at guards ark

Joseph A. Mucciolo, Architect RA.

Joe is a Registered Architect and Building Professional with 40 years of experience and is proficient as an Architect, Construction Manager, Building Code Official and Teacher of Construction Management.

Joe projects his tremendous expertise as an architectural consultant for Guard’s Ark. I have known and worked together with Joe for over 30 years.

Shakeem Slowe

Shakeem Slowe team member at guards ark

Shakeem Slowe; Slowe & Co: Technologist / Construction Manager / Auto-Cad Designer / Construction Site Safety Manager:

All of the above depicts Shakeem’s expertise and experience: I have known Shakeem for 5 years.

Shakeem is also a consultant for Guard’s Ark and brings to the table, project management, construction research, construction management, building department expediting and Auto-Cad operations.

Shingavi Sandy

Shingavi Sandy team member at guards ark

Shingavi Sandy: Auto-Cad Designer / Building Permitting Expert/ Construction Field Technologist / Aspiring Architect: Consultant for Guard’s Ark.

Shingavi is an all-rounder with Building Codes, Construction Drawings, Specifications, Building Permitting and Land Mark Building Regulations. Shingavi, although young, has at least 15 years of experience.

He grew up with a skillful architect dad and has absorbed his father’s natural analytic abilities to decipher project violation problems and the path required to correct them.

Shingavi also is great at conducting plans examinations to obtain permits for all types of construction, HVAC, mechanical and final certificate of occupancies.

Oscar P. Walters PE

Oscar P. Walters PE team member at guards ark

Oscar P. Walters PE: Demerara Engineering PLLC

Oscar is a renowned structural engineer, who has over 30 years of experience and has performed construction design for a wide variety of building types and structures in NYC.

Oscar occasionally performs complex structural project analysis for Guard’s Ark as a consultant and is a valuable asset. Although Oscar has his own company, Demerara Engineering, he collaborates at an instant for any consultancy required of him.

Ariel Bethea

Ariel Bethea team member at guards ark

Ariel Bethea: Auto-Cad Operator / Expediter:

Ariel is also a very young consultant and is talented both in the field and on the drawing board. She is a quick learner and willing to collaborate to help with any type of construction drawings required.

She is also an adventurer and entrepreneur, but her responsible professional nature gets the job done.

Tel. 516-586-6167 - Cel: 321-474-5078

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